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Social Media & Internet Safety


95% of teens in the U.S. are online, and a vast majority access the internet on their mobile device, making it the most common medium for cyberbullying.

About 37% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online.  30% have had it happen more than once.

About half of LGBTQ+ students experience online harassment--a higher rate than the average.

1 in 3 teens say they have been text messaged 10-30 times an hour by a dating partner to find out where they were or who they were with at the time.

17% of teens say their partner has made them afraid not to respond to a text/snap because of what they might do.

29% of teens believe exchanging sexually suggestive content is expected to date or hook up.

29% of internet sex crimes relationships were initiated online, and advocates report a growing trend of human traffickers using online social media platforms to recruit and advertise targets of human trafficking.


  • Be on social media! This is one of the most important things you can do.

  • Have the passwords to your child’s phone, computer and all social media sites 

  • View the history on your child’s computers

  • Do random phone checks.  Remember, that is your phone and your child is NOT guaranteed privacy in your home.  You have a right and  responsibility to check that they are making good choices online.

  • Consider purchasing a Parental Control App

Recognize & Intervene




  • Ask questions to learn what is happening, how it started and who is involved

  • Document what is happening and where.  Take screenshots of the posts if possible

  • Report using the social media platform tools if it’s a stranger.  If it’s a classmate, report it to the school.  If the child has received a physical threat, or if a potential crime has occured, call the police.

For more information:


Support & Reach Out


  • Listen and give support

  • Let them know they’ve done the right thing by telling you

  • Tell them it’s not their fault

  • Do not threaten to take away their phones or shut down their social media accounts


Reach Out: 

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