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Safe Relationships


  • One in 10 teen girls and one in 11 teen boys admit to having experienced physical violence in a dating relationship in the past year.

  • One in three teens says they know someone who has been physically assaulted or hurt by a dating partner.

  • One in five teens admits to being emotionally abused in the past year.

  • Among 11- to 14-year-olds who have been in relationships, 62% of them know friends who have been verbally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Approximately one in five teen girls have been physically or sexually abused by their partners.

Dating Abuse Statistics

Facts about Teen Dating Violence  



Recognize & Intervene


  • Extreme jealousy or possessiveness from your child’s partner

  • Isolation from other friends and family

  • Changes in appearance (clothes & makeup) and behavior (skipping school & attitude)

  • Decreased interest in activities and other interests

  • Full list of warning signs: What to Look For

  • The spectrum of abuse: Healthy-relationships/relationship-Spectrum

  • Types of Abuse: Types of Abuse


​  Intervene:​

  • Talk to your child about their relationship Talking to your Teen

  • Avoid ultimatums

  • Create a Safety Plan if necessary Create a Safety Plan


Support & Reach Out




Reach Out:


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